Visitenkarten zum Falten

Für das Boot Ventus Maris habe ich Visitenkarten erstellt. Sie haben die übliche Länge von 5cm, allerdings nicht rechteckig, sondern quadratisch. Mit drei Knicken entlang aufgedruckter Linien wird aus der Karte ein Boot.

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Signal K Corporate

Für Boote gibt es die Server-Software Signal K. Der Dienst sammelt Daten von den Sensoren an Bord und speichert sie. Der aktuelle Stand von Wassertiefe oder Wind lässt sich mit Apps vom Server anzeigen.

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Phone for all Internet connections plus simple router for internal Wifi

Nested networks are always a source of trouble. There are different subnets that require multiple NAT servers. Every layer adds unneccessary complexity. When a marina network is added, the network looks like this: If the connection breaks or strange package loss occures, you have to debug all three local networks. The setup happens in all …

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Glomex Webboat

The Glomex Webboat is the only solution in this blog with everything in one large box. The router has built in high gain Wifi and GSM antennas using a special router. A second router is an out of the shelf device and creates the local Wifi. The app looks user friendly. The structure of different …

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Solutions made by boating companies

The Yacht Router Micro from Locomarine is over 1000€ but promises to connect to wifis and GSM. Digital Yacht offers routers with high gain Wifi antenna and GSM module. The Yachtrouter 2 from B.I.S. promises connectivity to harbour Wifis and has two GSM modules. The Red Box by Mailasail connects over Lan, 3G plus sattelite.  The distant …

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Phone as wifi hotspot plus wifi router

The idea is very simple: A high gain wifi antenna and router like Ubiquiti Bullet M2 is mounted on the boat or camper. Its web interface is used for connecting to distant wifis.

A smartphone receives the GSM cellular network and works as a wifi hotspot in tethering mode. When this network is needed, the only thing to do is calling the Bullet’s web interface and switching to the phone’s network.

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Alfa R36

The Alfa R36 router is no beauty but solid for uncommon conditions. It connects to many UMTS GSM networks and Wifis focusing on signal quality. The interface and feature list are outdated.

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TP-Link TL-MR3020

The router creates a local Wifi with some extra features using a GSM USB stick. The ability to use Internet over Wifi is broken. Sometimes it looses all settings. The router is common as a cheap hardware for DIY firmwares.

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Vor zwei Jahren begann ich Segeln zu lernen und Motorboot zu fahren. Über die Sportbootführerscheine See und Binnen schrieb ich einen Artikel. Sportküstenschifferschein Im März 2015 wollte ich raus aus dem winterlichen Drinnensein und in einem Praxis-Kurs etwas lernen. Also fuhr ich zu Sailaway nach Kiel, um bei fünf Grad eine Woche auf der Ostsee …

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